Internship and Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities


UT Biomechanics and Sport Science Lab (BASS Lab)

The UT BASS Lab fosters inquiry and research for Exercise Science majors who are interested in investigations into the biomechanics of human performance. Students collect data, analyze data, and publish data in both scientific journals and professional conference proceedings.

Internship Opportunities

All Health & Human Performance (HHP) degrees require hands-on internships for graduation. The HHP faculty are committed to helping students acquire personalized internships to most qualify them for their individual professional pursuits. HHP has teamed up with Intermountain Health Care (IHC) to provide opportunities in a health care setting. The department also has connections to the local school system to help physical education students get their teaching experience. Other internships in athletic training, recreation management, and fitness training are available in the university and community settings.


Travis Ficklin, Ph.D.

HHP Department Chair

Email: Travis.Ficklin

Phone: 435-879-4339

Office: HPC 306

Cindy Clark

Academic Advisor

Email: Cindy.Clark

Phone: 435-879-4809

Office: HPC 335

Karyn Wright

HHP Administrative Assistant

Email: Karyn.Wright

Phone: 435-652-7980

Office: HPC 343