AASN Program

LPN-to-RN Bridge Program

This is a face-to-face program (not a distance learning program).  There is not an online or remote location option.

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Review your prerequisite courses, electives, certifications, and other requirements for the bridge program.

How to Prepare


Understand what you need for the online application, fees, deadlines, and more.

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Know what it takes to meet the graduation requirements with GPA/credit status.

Explore Requirements

Complete the Following Courses:

Nursing Core Courses

NURS 2450 Nursing Pharmacology Concepts I
NURS 2500 Health & Illness Concepts II
NURS 2501 Health & Illness Concepts II Clinical
NURS 2503R Health & Illness Concepts II Simulation
NURS 2700 Health & Illness Concepts III
NURS 2701 Health & Illness Concepts III Clinical
NURS 2750 Concept Synthesis

LPN - RN Track

NURS 2030 LPN to RN Transition Course
NURS 2035 LPN to RN Nursing Skills Lab

Sample Weekly First Semester Schedule






NURS 2500 - 0900-1130NURS 2035 - 0800-1200NURS 2500 - onlineAM Clinicals 0600-1600
NURS 2030 - 1230-1430ORNURS 2450 - online
NURS 2035 - 1300-1500PM Clinical 1600-0200

Requirements if You Plan to Continue to the RN-BSN Program:

RN-BSN Requirements

NURS 3900 or BIOL 4400 Pathophysiology

BSN Graduation Requirements

  • American Institutions
  • Life Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Literature/Humanities
  • Laboratory Science
  • Exploration

Students who plan to advance to a graduate level nursing program, we highly recommend MATH 1040.

Chemistry Note: If you plan to pursue a graduate level nursing degree, you should complete CHEM 1110 instead of 1150. In addition, some graduate nursing programs require two sections of Chemistry; therefore, it would be best to take Chemistry 1110 and Chemistry 1120. Consult an academic advisor for more information

Tuition & Costs

Resident Tuition

Course Fees



Semester 1$3037.00$750.00$834.00$4621.00*
Semester 2$2278.00$250.00$0$2528.00*
Grand Total$7149.00

*Approximate cost for the program

Tuition by credit


Alicia Frank

Administrative Assistant

Email: nursing@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4810

Fax: 435-879-4829

Office: Taylor 304

Gina Taualii

Advisor: Freshman & Sophomore less than 60 credits

Email: gina.taualii@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4797

Office: HPC 346

Sanja Pantovic

Advisor: Junior & Senior 60 or more credits

Email: sanja.pantovic@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4813

Office: Taylor 306

Karen Davis

Advisor: Freshman & Sophomore less than 60 credits

Email: karen.davis@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435.879.4627

Office: HPC 342