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Nursing Licensure Process

Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL)

First Step

Create an NCLEX account through Pearson VUE and pay the testing fee to Pearson VUE.
(Contact your school to ensure that you use the correct program code when you set up your account! If you graduate with an Associate’s degree in Nursing, please do not register for the NCLEX with a BSN degree in Nursing.)

NCLEX-RN Bachelor of Science in Nursing US38510200

NCLEX-RN Associates of Applied Science US38404000


Second Step: Applicant submits to DOPL
  1. A Request for Authorization to Test; AND
  2. Official transcripts* verifying program completion (date of graduation and degree posted on the transcript) from an approved pre-licensure program. Please do not submit a Request to Test without the transcripts ready. Please do not submit a Request to Test is the school has not released the transcript.
  3. If the application is complete and without special circumstances (e.g. accommodations) the Request for Authorization to Test may be processed within 3-10 business days of the receipt by DOPL.
  4. The Request for Authorization to Test can be submitted to DOPL in person, by mail, or online. (Do not attach them when requesting transcripts through the clearing house)
If the "Request for Authorization to Test" is approved

DOPL staff will make the applicant eligible through Pearson VUE, Pearson VUE will email the applicant an Authorization to Test (ATT) and the applicant will have a year to sit for the NCLEX-PN or RN.

Notification of NCLEX Results

DOPL will notify the applicant by email of his/her NCLEX results. After the results are released by Pearson VUE, the applicant will be notified of their results within three business days. If the applicant has not received notification of NCLEX results within 5 business days, he/she may call DOPL for additional information. DOPL will not provide NCLEX results over the telephone for privacy and security reasons.

Applicants should check Pearson VUE for results. If you have not received an email, please check quick results in Pearson VUE. (These results are considered official, but there might be a fee charged by Pearson VUE associated with the quick results option.)

If the applicant passes the NCLEX-RN
  1. The applicant will submit the Application for Licensure (by mail or online) along with:
    1. The $95 application fee; and
    2. Two sets (paper copies) of fingerprints for criminal background checks on form FD-258. Fingerprint services are available at DOPL Monday-Friday (except holidays) between the hours of 0800-1630. Most local police departments or sheriff’s offices also offer fingerprint services. Now, there is a DOPL office in St. George and they offer fingerprint services free. Here is the address and instructions:
      1. 1067 East Tabernacle Suite #9 St. George, UT 84770
      2. You must have an appointment. Call 435-986-0833 M-F 9 am to 3 pm. (Hours are subject to change at any time).
      3. You must have already applied online and paid all appropriate processing fees.
      4. You must take a valid government issued ID with ou (US Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, or US Military ID).
  2. The processing time for licensure applications that are complete and without special circumstances (e.g. criminal history) is 14 business days when a completed application is received. Please do not call regarding the status of your licensure application prior to 14 business days.
Requesting Accommodations
  1. Requests for test accommodations must be submitted with the Request for Authorization to Test. Required Documentation:
    1. Personal letter with specific accommodation requested;
    2. Letter from provider with DSM diagnosis codes and documentation of needed accommodations (letter should be dated within 6 months of the date of application)
    3. Letter from nursing education program/program director describing the accommodations that were granted by the academic unit.
    4. If you fail the NCLEX and wish to re-take the NCLEX, you must submit an updated letter requesting specific accommodations again and an updated provider letter.
Recommendations for Applicants
  1. Submit official transcripts WITH the Request for Authorization to Test.
  2. If your school sends official transcripts to DOPL, do not submit your Request for Authorization to Test until you are notified that the school has sent your transcripts to DOPL. Check with your school to verify whether or not the transcripts have been sent to DOPL.
  3. Attn: Nursing programs: please batch all of your student Request for Authorization to Test forms with the official sealed transcripts. Mail all these documents in one large envelope and this will expedite processing. The large batched envelope of Request for Authorization to Tests and official transcripts can be dropped off at the customer services window located in the first floor of the Heber M. Wells Building or mailed to the following address:
    Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
    PO Box 146741
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6741
  4. Attention Students: Please do not submit your Application for Licensure to DOPL or if you have received quick results confirming you have passed the NCLEX. Do NOT submit your Application for Licensure before you have submitted your Request for Authorization to Test and have passed the NCLEX. Submitting your Application for Licensure prior to submitting your Request for Authorization to Test and passing the NCLEX could result in the loss of the nonrefundable $95 application fee and create long delays in processing.
  5. If at all possible, have your fingerprints rolled at DOPL. Fingerprints should be submitted with the application or the same day that the Application for Licensure is completed online.
  6. Do not call DOPL to inquire about the status of your application until:
    1. It has been more than 14 business days since your submitted your Request for Authorization to Test or Application for Licensure; or
    2. It has been more than 5 business days since you sat for the NCLEX and you have not been notified of your results.
    3. The online checklist of where an applicant is in the process of licensure is often not current. Please do not use it.

Official transcripts can be sent directly to DOPL from the registrar’s office, submitted in a sealed envelope with a school seal/stamp on the flap, or-if the school uses a national clearinghouse for transcripts, they can be emailed from the secure clearinghouse to B7@utah.gov

Important Notes
  • Applications (Request for Authorization to Test and the application for Licensure) are routed through a number of steps once they arrive at DOPL. Just because “your friend”s application” has been processed does not mean that your application will be the next one processed. Also, remember that there are only a few staff members who process applications and they are the same staff who answer your telephone calls–frequent telephone calls only delay the processing of applications for your and your colleagues.
  • Applications for Licensure: Be sure to carefully read and respond honestly to all questions on the Application for Licensure. If DOPL becomes aware that you misrepresented any information to DOPL your case will be submitted for investigation which will delay licensure and may result in a citation or discipline against your license. It is always best to fully disclose your legal history (even unofficial expungement legal issues) and provide all required documentation for consideration and evaluation. Failure to fully disclose legal history could result in a delay in processing your application. Read the application instructions carefully!! 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that DOPL is notified of any changes in your contact information. Failure to keep DOPL informed may result in delays related to your renewals or other important communication from DOPL. Please use the DOPL website to updates your address, phone number, and email whenever changes are made:

Go to DOPL Website

Important Websites


Sanja Pantovic

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Email: sanja.pantovic@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4813

Office: Taylor 306

Gina Taualii

Advisor: Freshman & Sophomore (less than 60 credits)

Email: gina.taualii@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4797

Office: HPC 346

Karen Davis

Advisor: Freshman & Sophomore (less than 60 credits)

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Administrative Assistant - Operations

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