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The application for admission for the 2024-2025 academic year is now open. The deadline is May 6, 2024.


  • Mail Applications to:
    Utah Tech Surgical Technology Program
    Attn: Heather Osness
    225 S University Ave. St. George, UT 84770
  • OR Application may be hand-delivered to:
    Heather Osness on the second floor of the Taylor Building, Room 201B


For more information on the Surgical Technology program contact Kat Preiss, Academic Advisor or Heather Osness, Program Director (please see contact information below).


Please Note:

  • To be considered for admission to the Surgical Technology program, an applicant must first be accepted as a Utah Tech University student. Then, the applicant must complete a separate application to this program.
  • Everything one needs to know about applying to UT can be found on the Admissions website.
  • Program admission selection decisions are based on the cumulative scores achieved by applicants and are applied without regard to race, color, ethnic background, national origin, religion, creed, age, lack of American citizenship, disability, status of veteran, or gender.

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All you need to know before you apply to ensure you’re eligible for acceptance.

Admission Requirements


View our academic catalog to learn what courses you need before starting your professional degree.

Program Prerequisites
Application Timeline

February 1Application period begins
May 6Application period ends
May 8-10Qualified applicants will be notified of their interview date and time
May 27Notice of admission status sent to all applicants
June 5Mandatory initial orientation via Zoom
August 15Mandatory in person orientation

Important Information

Application Scoring

The Surgical Technology program admission selection process utilizes a point system designed to predict potential for student success in the program. Application points are earned for the following criteria:

Phase I

  • Cumulative college GPA (10%)
  • Completion of, or acceptable progress in completing, prerequisite courses (30%)
    • For most current information on prerequisite courses, please contact the academic advisor
  • Grades in predictive courses (40%)
    • Medical Terminology
    • Human Anatomy and Lab
    • Human Physiology and Lab
  • Professional references (20%)
    • Two required, one from a current or recent employer and one from a university instructor

Phase II

  • In-person interview (20 points)

Admissions Process Specifics

  • In the event that qualifying applications receive identical scores, the date of receipt of the completed applications will be used to assign admission priority.
  • Students will be notified of final selection decisions by email message to their university email address.
  • Admission to the program is considered conditional until the candidate completes the remaining requirements, which will be indicated in the conditional acceptance letter sent via email.
  • An alternate list will be used to accommodate cancellations.
  • Admissions will remain open until the class is filled.


Heather Osness

Program Director


Phone: 435-879-4842

Office: Taylor 201B

Kat Preiss

Academic Advisor


Phone: 435-652-7695

Office: HPC 347

Katie Reeves

Administrative Assistant


Phone: 435-879-4820

Office: Taylor 258