ADN Program

Paramedic-to-RN Eligibility

This is a face-to-face program.  There is not an online or remote location option.  Twenty-four students are admitted spring-fall or fall-spring.  Courses not offered summer session.

Admission Criteria

  • A current unencumbered Utah or National Paramedic Registry Certification.
  • All pre-requisite courses must be completed prior to beginning the nursing program.
  • All pre-requisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.
  •  If graduation was more than three years ago, paramedics must have 1000 hours of documented paramedic work experience within the last three years.

HESI Score is valid for one year prior to the application deadline date (Fall-2nd Monday of October, Spring – Last Friday of April)

  • HESI A2 Exam
    • Only the HESI A2 Exam is accepted
    • Test is open year-round at UT Professional Testing Center
    • Out of Area? Request a Proctor at another Institution or contact UT Testing (RECOMMENDED)
      • If you need remote accommodations, then please contact the Professional Testing Center at or 435-652-7667.
    • Instructions before Testing
      • No substitutions (TEAS, Kaplan, other exams are not accepted)
      • Test Retakes
        • No limit on testing retakes per application cycle
        • Wait 30-45 days in between testing sessions, if possible
        • You must retake the entire HESI A2 exam even if you only scored low in one section.
          • The test with the highest set of scores will be added to your application for review not the highest subject score from each test.


**Applicants may apply while completing prerequisite courses but they must all be completed before the start of the program.

Pre-requisite Courses:

BIOL 2320 Human Anatomy

BIOL 2420 Human Physiology

ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing

ENGL 2010 Interm Writing Selected Topics

CHEM 1150 Integrated Chemistry for Health Sciences
CHEM 1110 Elementary General/Organic Chemistry

PSY 1100 Human Development Through Lifespan OR
FSHD 1500 Human Development Lifespan

MATH 1030 Quantitative Reasoning OR
MATH 1040 Introduction to Statistics OR
MATH 1050 College Algebra / Pre-Calculus

*BIOL 2325 is a co-requisite to BIOL 2320 but is not required for program admission.
*BIOL 2425 is a co-requisite to BIOL 2420 but is not required for program admission.
*CHEM 1155 and CHEM 1115 are co-requisite to CHEM 1150 and CHEM 1110 respectively, but neither is required for program admission. If students plan to advance to graduate level nursing programs, you should complete CHEM 1110.
*MATH 1040 is highly recommended if you plan to advance to a graduate level nursing program.


Application Deadlines

For Fall Admissions:  Applications open up on the first Monday of January of every year and are closed on the last Friday of April by 11:59 pm MST.  Student will receive notification about the AASN application decision on the fourth Wednesday of May by email.  The Paramedic & LPN to RN bridge options starting fall semester will complete the AASN program on a 2 semester track fall/spring semester.

For Spring Admissions:  Applications open up on the first Monday of June of every year and are closed the first Monday of November by 11:59 pm MST.  Student will receive notification about the AASN application decision on the second Monday in November by email. The Paramedic & LPN to RN bridge options starting spring semester will complete the AASN program on a 2-semester track (spring and fall) with a summer break.

Application Fee

The application fee is $50 which can be paid through the application portal.

Work Experience Verification Form

If you have been graduated from your Paramedic or LPN program for 3 years or longer, you will need to submit work experience forms that total a minimum of 1,000 hours. The work experience must confirm that you have been working as a licensed LPN or Paramedic.

Download the form, have it signed by your supervisor and upload it the application portal.

Is the AASN program accredited?

Yes. Utah Tech AASN program is nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). Utah Tech is regionally accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

If I complete the AASN program is there a pathway to earn a BSN at Utah Tech University?

Yes! Many of our Associate of Applied Science in Nursing have gone onto earn their BSN through the RN-BSN Program offered here at UT and can start this program during their last semester of the AASN program.

Will I be able to continue to work as a paramedic or LPN/LVN while attending the program?

Yes! Many former and current Utah Tech University AASN students successfully manage to continue their work as a paramedic and nursing while earning their AASN.

Are scholarships and financial resources available for AASN students? Does Utah Tech offer any discounts or waivers on tuition for out-of-state?

Yes. The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at Utah Tech University is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals committed to serving our students, our school, and the community.

Our financial aid office is available at

We have scholarships available for nursing students.

Financial Aid can be reached at 435.652.7575 and

Are there resources for housing? Is there a strong community?

Yes. Utah Tech University has both on-campus and off-campus housing options or In addition, the Office of Student affairs continually strives to foster a positive campus climate, building a sense of community and providing the essential support needed for students to develop and thrive!

Are there resources available for active military and veterans?

Utah Tech offers Veteran and military students and their family members assistance in using their Veteran Administration (VA) or military educational benefits. Our staff is honored to help students through the process of admissions, eligibility application, registration and maximizing their benefits to pursue education, professional or vocational objectives. Utah Tech adheres to the 8 keys to Veteran’s Success as outlined in Executive Order 13607, “Principles of Excellence.” Veterans and uniformed service members should contact the Director of Veterans and Military Services for more information at 435.652.7699 or

What are the prerequisites for the nursing program?

Courses include Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Human Development Through Lifespan, English and Math. For more information about program eligibility, prerequisite courses and course substitutions, contact Sanja Pantovic, Academic Advisor, at 435.879.4813

Paramedic-to-RN Eligibility

Is there any sort of pre-admissions testing?

We require applicants to take the HESI A2 exam which is available the Utah Tech Professional Testing Center. There are also options to take the HESI A2 remotely. HESI A2 exams that are not taken within the year prior to the application deadline will be disqualified.

Is credit granted for experimental learning?

We do provide credits for various prior learning such as ACLS, PALS, ER and Critical Care.

Why should I choose Utah Tech Associates of Applied Science in Nursing?

At Utah Tech, the LPN/Paramedic Bridge grants you not just an AASN degree, but also the privilege to sit for the NCLEX-RN boards in just two semesters! You are awarded your RN license after passing the NCLEX-RN. In last semester students can begin courses in the RN-BSN program. Our program allows you to determine if you would like to continue onto a BSN after earning your RN status. If you choose to progress, your earning potential is higher!

What will my schedule be like as an AASN Student?

In our two-semester program, you will have the benefit of a robust and comprehensive educational experience as well as leaving you with time to further gain work experience in your chosen field as a registered LPN/LVN or certified paramedic. Currently, first semester meets Monday for in-person class, Tuesday for labs/simulations (11 weeks), Thursday for online class, and Friday clinicals (7 weeks). In the 2nd semester, there is Monday online class, Thursday in-person class and preceptorship (11 shifts–Schedules will vary based on assigned preceptor).


After I become an RN, how will my potential earnings change?

In Utah the average RN earns $72,790 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. . Nationwide, the average Annual RN Salary in the United States ranges from $60,510 to $125, 340.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, April 1st, 2022

Can I apply to the program with my prerequisite courses in progress?

Yes. Prospects are welcome to apply to the program while taking the prerequisite courses, but will have to complete them before starting the program.

Can I apply to the program with my LPN/Paramedic in progress?

Yes. You are welcome to apply to the program while you are working on getting your LPN/Paramedic, but you have to earn your LPN/Paramedic license before you start the program.

My LPN/Paramedic license expired. Can I still apply to the program?

If graduation was more than three years ago, LPN’s/Paramedics must have 1000 hours of documented LPN/paramedic work experience within the last three years.


Alicia Frank

Administrative Assistant


Phone: 435-879-4810

Fax: 435-879-4829

Office: Taylor 302

Gina Taualii

Advisor: Freshman & Sophomore less than 60 credits


Phone: 435-879-4797

Office: HPC 334

Sanja Pantovic

Advisor: Junior & Senior 60 or more credits


Phone: 435-879-4813

Office: Taylor 306

Kiran Andrews

Administrative Assistant - Admissions


Phone: 435-879-4801

Office: Taylor 304