Heading: Population Health Programs, Alumni Newsletter

Director's Note

As we embrace an era of innovation and expansion at Utah Tech University, I am delighted to share with you the strides we have made in advancing our population health programs, alongside introducing our pioneering Master of Health Administration (MHA) program. These initiatives underscore our unwavering commitment to enhancing health education and improving population health outcomes broadly.

Our journey in education and health transcends the advancements we achieve within our university walls; it extends into the powerful connections we foster with you, our alumni.

Join Us as a Leader in Our Alumni Network 

We seek enthusiastic alumni willing to share their leadership skills, professional expertise, and time to help guide and enhance our network. If you have experience in leading teams or mentoring professionals or wish to contribute to the growth of our community, your participation would be tremendously valuable.

Should you be interested in participating in this exciting initiative or wish to learn more about how you can be involved, please reach out. I am available directly at tiffany.vickers@utahtech.edu and would be thrilled to discuss further how we can collaborate to strengthen our alumni network.

Exciting News: Utah Tech University has a new MHA Program!

Utah Tech University's NEW Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program is designed to catapult healthcare professionals into leadership roles within the healthcare sector. Prepare to embark on a journey that can elevate your career and enhance the health outcomes of the communities we serve. Are you ready to lead the change?

Dr. Jennifer Bringhurst Population Health’s NEWEST faculty member joining us Fall of 2024!


Dr. Bringhurst, an avid educator with a doctorate in Health Sciences focusing on global health, brings her rich experience and passion for student-centered learning to Utah Tech University. Her involvement with Mercy Ships adds a unique global perspective to our teaching, and we’re thrilled about the depth of knowledge she will contribute.

Jennifer Bringhurst is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator, excited to embark on a new teaching journey at Utah Tech University. With six years of experience in education, she has a passion for population health and a commitment to fostering an inclusive and engaging learning environment.

Having earned a doctorate in Health Sciences focusing on global health from A.T. Still University, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a talent for student-centered learning and has always prioritized her students’ academic and personal growth.

Outside of the classroom, Jennifer enjoys volunteering with Mercy Ships, which often serves as a source of inspiration for her teaching practice. She believes that these experiences contribute to a well rounded perspective that can benefit both her professional and personal life.

We have a bittersweet announcement to share with our community. Dr. Mary Brown will retire at the end of the spring semester. During her tenure, Dr. Brown has left an indelible mark on our institution, particularly within the Population Health programs.

Dr. Brown’s visionary approach has been instrumental in organizing and enhancing the curriculum of our Population Health programs, ensuring they remain at the forefront of academic and practical excellence. Her commitment to creating impactful learning experiences led her to facilitate the Capitol Reef study trip. This initiative expanded our students’ horizons and enriched their understanding of realworld health challenges and solutions.

While the news of her retirement saddens us, we are also excited for her as she embarks on the next phase of her journey. Please join us in expressing our deepest gratitude to Dr. Mary Brown for her service, dedication, and profound impact on the College of Health Sciences. We wish her all the best in her well-deserved retirement and look forward to celebrating her achievements as part of our enduring legacy.

If you would like to write a digital note to Dr. Brown wishing her well please click here.