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At Utah Tech, we understand that every student is on a unique journey. That’s why we’ve tailored four specialized tracks to meet diverse aspirations and educational backgrounds. Each pathway prepares health professionals to contribute to patient care, community health, and global wellness.

At Utah Tech, you’re more than a student – you’re a pivotal part of a vibrant, diverse community of thinkers, innovators, and change-makers, collectively driving forward the frontier of population health.

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Healthcare Administration

Embark on a comprehensive exploration into the intricate realms of healthcare management and leadership. Ideal for both fresh minds and returning adult learners, this program prepares you for influential roles in hospitals, clinics, and health departments, amalgamating profound knowledge and practical skills.

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Public Health

Designed for high school graduates and adult learners alike, graduates are adeptly prepared for impactful roles in health departments, schools, and wellness centers, championing the health and well-being of members of our community.

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Long Term Care Administration

Delve into the nuanced domain of long-term care and elder care management. This program caters to aspiring hospital administrators and instills the profound wisdom essential for ensuring long-term care facilities’ quality and dignity of life.

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Healthcare Administration, Online BAS

Exclusively tailored for those with an A.S. degree and six months of experience or an AAS in health sciences, step seamlessly into a curriculum that elevates your foundational knowledge to managerial and strategic prowess in healthcare administration.

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  • Federal and county health departments
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Health and rehabilitation centers
  • Assisted-living facilities
  • Graduate school in a variety of disciplines


Dr. Tiffany Vickers

Director Population Health Programs


Phone: 435-879-4419

Office: HPC 304

Cindy Clark

Academic Advisor, Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory Science, and Population Health


Phone: 435.879.4809

Office: HPC 343