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WELCOME TO THE Health and Human Performance Department AT UTAH TECH UNIVERSITY!

The Health and Human Performance Department accomplishes its mission through academic programs in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Recreation and Sport Management, and Population Health, all of which focus on active learning by utilizing innovative practices and community engagement.

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Master of Athletic Training

Offers an opportunity to become a licensed certified Athletic Trainer by preparing students to pass the Board Certification Exam for Athletic Training.

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Exercise Science program

Offers opportunities to learn innovative scientific techniques to evaluate and improve human performance.

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Recreation and Sport Management program

Provides opportunities to design and manage sport and leisure experiences to improve operations and enhance quality of life.

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Population Health program

Allows students to focus on public health promotion, health-care administration and long term care administration.

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Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Administration Program

This program allows students who have completed an associate degree in a health science field to achieve a bachelor’s degree within an additional two years that is meaningful, applicable to their field of choice, and may qualify them to move into supervisory roles, and/or progress to graduate programs if desired.

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The new Trailblazer Center for Lifelong Health & Wellness formed in November of 2021 is aimed at providing hands on active learning experiences for UT students. The classes provided through the TBC will be student developed and led, providing essential active learning experiences in alignment with specific course and program learning objectives. The goal of the center is to help meet the polytechnic mission of UT preparing students for further education and/or job readiness upon graduation.

Trailblazer Center


The Department of Health and Human Performance is committed to enhancing the well-being and performance of individuals, organizations, and populations by preparing graduates with the skills and knowledge to be competent professionals in the health, fitness, sport and recreation related industries.


Aligning with the Utah Tech University values, the Department of Health and Human Performance faculty are committed to academic excellence, inclusion, and service leadership in preparing graduates to succeed in life and professional career paths or advance study in related disciplines.


starts with an active lifestyle. The Department of Health and Human Performance offers a wide variety of activity classes available to all registered UT students.

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Patty Burton

Administrative Assistant, Health & Human Performance


Phone: 435.652.7980

Office: HPC 333

Cindy Clark

Academic Advisor, Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory Science, & Population Health


Phone: 435.879.4809

Office: HPC 335

Gina Taualli

Academic Advisor College of Health Sciences


Phone: 435.879.4797

Office: HPC 334