Medical Radiography

Faculty & Staff

Display image of Tiera Rigby, EdD, RT(R)(MR)

Tiera Rigby, EdD, RT(R)(MR)

Associate Professor/Program Director

Phone: 435-879-4840
Office: Taylor 204

Display image of Alissa Williams, MSRS, RT(R)(N)

Alissa Williams, MSRS, RT(R)(N)

Assistant Professor/Clinical Coordinator

Phone: 435-879-4841
Office: Taylor 205

Display image of Kat Preiss

Kat Preiss

Academic Advisor for College of Health Sciences

Phone: 435-652-7695
Office: Human Performance Center 347

Display image of Katie Reeves

Katie Reeves

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 435-879-4820
Office: Taylor 258