Utah Tech University

Being a Nurse Assistant

While being a nurse assistant is a worthy and noble occupation, it’s definitely not one of the most glamorous jobs on the market. Long hours, odd shifts, and high stress can make it easy for many nurse assistants to focus on the negative. That’s why it’s so important to remind ourselves of the good things about being an aide.

If you or those around you are feeling down and out on the job, take note of the positive affirmations below–they’ll remind you of why you became a nurse assistant in the first place.

Being a Nurse Assistant is a great job because:

  • You get the opportunity to develop unique and meaningful friendships. You have the chance to get to know patients possibly more so than any other staff member. Most have their own interesting stories and points of view on the world that they are willing to share with you. You have a tremendous opportunity to gain wisdom and learn from their lives.
  • You can be you. By being a nurse assistant, you have the ability to improve someone’s quality of life by simply showing up to work. While many patients might not say it, you make a positive difference in their life by being yourself and by letting them know you care.
  • You’re exposed to a “free education.” You get to know people who grew up in eras and cultures different than your own. You have the chance to learn about different types of music, movies, books, etc., that you may not have otherwise discovered.
  • You’re there in people’s greatest times of need. It should give you comfort that you are there to provide much needed assistance. By doing your job, you provide reassurance and relief to patients as well as family members.