Nursing Program

Pre-Licensure BSN Program

Become a Registered Nurse

The UT Pre-Licensure BSN Program is a full-time program for students who want to become a registered nurse. Nursing school requires a substantial time commitment to fulfill the intensive requirements of the program in the classroom, nursing arts laboratory, and clinical settings.

  1. Complete pre-requisite coursework
  2. Apply to the Pre-Licensure BSN Program
  3. After Acceptance into the P-BSN program, complete program requirements
  4. Complete NURS 3000-4000 coursework during 4 semesters (15 credits each semester)
  5. Graduate with your Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  6. Pass the NCLEX-RN exam
  7. Start your new career as an RN!

Utah Tech Pre-licensure Testimonials

“Utah Tech University’s nursing program guided me to become the nurse I always wanted to be. They provided me with new opportunities and helped me explore the possibilities of this amazing field. I loved working with each professor and learning from their experience. I am very grateful to have been able to learn and grow from this program.” – Julia

Nursing Student Activities

Pre-licensure Nursing Students Presenting at the Utah Tech Nursing Research Symposium

Upcoming Dates

Jan 02, 2024 Fall 2024 Applications Open

Applications for Pre-Licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program open.

Apr 15, 2024 Fall 2024 Applications Due

Applications and all supporting materials are due by 11:59 pm

Jan 08, 2024 Spring 2024 Semester Begins

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7 Predictors of Success in Nursing School

Predictors of success in nursing school include strong performance in courses, especially anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. In order to do a great job preparing for nursing school you must work hard to stay on top of it all. With the following seven habits, you will be successful.

  1. Manage your time – Balance classes, studying, work, and personal obligations. Break each day into blocks of time and determine what is the most important for each block.
  2. Study smart – Cramming for a test will not work. You must understand the material plus how to apply it in different situations. To study smart try to: Avoid distractions, Review classwork before you got to class, Practice by doing some practice test questions, Give yourself enough time
  3. Ask for help – It is not a sign of weakness or failure, so do it!
  4. Focus – Organize your study space, turn off the phone, TV and music when you study.
  5. Make realistic goals – It is best to set aside time everyday for reading and studying
  6. Be proactive – Plan ahead and stay on top of assignments
  7. Reward yourself – Preparing for nursing school is not easy and you will probably get tired of studying. So, set a reachable goal and reward yourself when you reach it.


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