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Student Extracurriculars

Explore and celebrate the vibrant and dynamic life outside the classroom where our students are making significant strides, from global exploration in study abroad programs to contributing to innovative research and volunteering in the community.

Study Abroad Experiences

Imagine Uganda: stepping into the shoes of change-makers, immersing yourself in the intricacies of humanitarian aid and the operations of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). This is precisely what our students did as they delved into the heart of refugee camps. Within the confines of these camps, they witnessed firsthand the challenges that refugees face – health disparities, social struggles, and the impact of conflict on healthcare delivery and community well-being.

Video of Global Health In Uganda

Explore the World

  • Overview: Discover the transformative experiences of Utah Tech students who have broadened their horizons through our diverse range of study abroad programs.
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Innovative Research

Pioneering Ideas

  • Overview: Our students are at the forefront of innovative research projects spanning various fields of technology and science.
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Volunteer Initiatives

Giving Back

  • Overview: Utah Tech students are actively involved in volunteering, making a difference in communities locally and globally.
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Clubs & Organizations

For more information on student extracurriculars or if you would like to contribute or participate, contact our students Ambassadors.

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Dr. Tiffany Vickers

Director Population Health Programs

Email: tiffany.vickers@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4419

Office: HPC 304